Winter Blues

26th Dec 2017

At this time of year, it can be all too tempting to long for sunny days and blue skies and perhaps this is why so many people now are following the trend for jetting off on winter holidays in addition to their summer jaunts. The weather in the UK is not brilliant even during the summer months, much less at winter time so it is not surprising that so many people yearn for a brief getaway before Christmas.

With three airports in our region in East Anglia, there is plenty of choices if you want to escape the cold and find somewhere idyllic to relax in and enjoy. If you are located close to Bedfordshire then your nearest airport is Luton airport and if you are in Essex then you have a choice of two in Stansted and Southend airports. Southend is starting to become much more popular for those European trips abroad as it is gradually introducing more and more flights to places like Spain, the Canary Islands and other locations throughout Europe but what about if you had the chance to actually move somewhere else permanently?

That is exactly what an Italian Mayor is offering and he is willing to pay cold hard cash in order to entice people to move to his city! The mayor of Candela, Puglia is offering 2,000 Euros (around £1,800) for people to move lock, stock and barrel to his hometown in Italy. This is no trick or a weird joke but a serious effort to reverse the trend of the local dwindling population. A few decades ago, this little town was known as ‘little Naples’. It had a population of around 8,000 people and was a quaint and picturesque part of Italy. It had few tourists and not a great deal going on in the way of nightlife and this is why the younger generations simply upped sticks and moved to various cities. Whilst it is normal in all places for the young to move away once they grow up, they are usually replaced by others coming in, but this was not the case for Candela and this is why with a small population of just 2,000 the local Mayor is offering a settlement fee for people to move here.
This is obviously not just a way to make money though as there are some strings. The mayor expects settlers to have a job which pays at least £7,500 per year and there are different rates for single people, couples and families, so to make more money you will need to rope in as many people as you could although it wouldn’t be so bad to just go there by yourself as there are beautiful rolling hills, picturesque winding alleys and a quaint charm about the village which is always bathed in a beautiful Italian glow. Obviously, there are no crowds or traffic, many of the little-cobbled streets are too narrow for cars anyway and it is a really beautiful place which has let time pass it by.

Of course, this all sounds wonderful if you only have to stay for a few weeks but pretty soon most people would be hankering after a bit of life, like the youngsters who left in the first place. There are no stunning young ladies to go and visit when you need a little company so perhaps despite the cold winter weather, it might be best to stay close to where our East Anglia escorts can reach you! At least that is one place where you know you get to escape the cold, in the arms of our stunning East Anglia escorts. Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9