When Meeting A Client

15th May 2018

If you are an escort already or just someone considering a career in this very profession then there's probably a few things you want to know before meeting your clients. Of course, you're absolutely gorgeous and it's no surprise a client is willing to pay for your companionship but what should you be aware of upon meeting the said client?

Well, we thought we could help by running you through a list of things to keep in mind when meeting your client.

Be Confident

One of the most important things we always emphasise to the girls here at Bees Angels is to be assertive and in control of the situation. Come across experienced or just confident. Your client needs to know that you know what you're doing and you can't be taken advantage of.

Having a more timid and unsure persona can give a client the impression you don't want to be there, maybe don't care and that you're easy to extort, so try to be confident in yourself. Keep in mind not to be so assertive you are intimidating though, you never know if this is the first time your client has ever booked an escort. He could be incredibly shy or nervous so be tactful and stay professional and very friendly even if you feel like your client isn't exactly the gentleman you were expecting.

Remember The Essentials

If you are on an outcall and you are meeting your client at a hotel or his home then it's important for you to remember not to carry anything more than you're essentials on you. This will include your phone and some petty cash in case you need it. Try not to carry anything else especially anything that may expose your real or full identity. Refrain from carrying your purse or a driving license with you.

If you can get a driver to take you to your outcall appointments and to pick you up. If you can for added safety, use your puppy dog eyes and get your driver to maybe hang around in the local vicinity for the duration of the appointment so if you need to leave at any point during the booking you're able to. If your client has offered to pick you up and drop you off politely refuse. Never rely on your clients to get you too and from somewhere as they may expect something more for this service and you don't want to rely on your client to take you when you need to go.

Ensure The Right Payment

Before anything can begin with you and your client you have to make sure the amount donated is correct and the amount that was agreed on when the booking was first made. Once you have clear confirmation of the payment you can proceed. Never take an amount of cash just handed over to you. If your client hasn't already, ask him to place the donated amount in an envelope and to leave it on a coffee table or a bathroom sink top for you to find.

Clients also know to use condoms but just in case your client is feeling particularly cheeky and is pretending he forgot one, always carry condoms on your person. To every appointment just in case, sometimes it's easy for clients to get caught in their own rush to get ready that they forget or perhaps they genuinely lost them. Either way, it's imperative you have some on you. The last thing you want is to catch a sexually transmitted disease.

Stick To What You're Comfortable With

Now that most of the tedious stuff is out of the way you can get on with the booking and proceed to please your client the way he expected and give it you're all. Make sure to provide what your client expects and leave a satisfied customer. Be professional, happy and giving and you'll be left with a very happy client. The services you provide should only be within the limit of what you're comfortable performing.

I know this was all discussed on the phone when your client originally booked you because of how smart you are, but it's worth reminding your client gently of what you are willing and not willing to do, and if your client pushes you to cross your own boundaries, simply refuse and remain professional.

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