What It Takes To Escort

3rd May 2018

Have you ever looked at all those beautiful women raking in the cash from escorting and thought to yourself, surely I could do that? Well, maybe so, but escorting isn't as easy as most people like to pretend.

There's a lot of situations escorts have to be alert too, constantly vigilante and more times are in a vulnerable position when meeting strangers who know the escort better than the escort knows the client. The money is good, but everything that comes with it can also be a toll and not everyone's made for this industry, so before you jump right into it, let's talk about what it takes to be a successful escort.

Firstly you have to evaluate your current position in life. Not just financially, but mentally, socially, physically and emotionally. Are you suffering from bad depression or find it hard to pick yourself up if your mood drops? Are you in a relationship or have a very active social life? Is your body in good health or do you have poor stamina? These are all questions an escort or someone whos considering becoming an escort should contemplate.

Motivation Is Key

As an escort, your work ethic has to be exceptional. With the amount of competition you'll be facing from thousands of women in different locations it's impeccable you stay on top of the game. Especially when starting out you can't afford to miss bookings simply because you can't be bothered or have something else you'd rather do.

Just like in any profession, your success is determined by how hard you work, your drive to succeed and the extra steps you take above everyone else to get to the top. In a profession with so much money distributed every day, it's easy to fall into a trap of thinking the money is easy, and although it comes quick, the early bird here, definitely get's the worm.

As we mentioned earlier, if you suffer from depression or find it hard to pick yourself back up, then you may want to reconsider escorting as a career or find a way to manage your mood. Escorting is very much a profession that ignores how you feel in order to please someone else, which is the job after all.

That being said there will be many occasions where you don't feel like working, or the client you're with is insufferable and you can't help but just wish the hour he's booked you for would hurry but in this profession it's important you mask your emotions with a big smile, and no matter how much you detest your client, you can't show this and you'll have to maintain a cheerful persona.

Be Adaptable 

Your ability to adapt is also imperative, like a chameleon. You may enjoy the dinner dates, or prefer the more intimate companionship setting. In escorting you don't have the luxury of picking and choosing the scenario. Your clients will book you for a number of reasons such as the girlfriend experience, corporate events, dinner dates or just a night out to enjoy and it's up to you to maintain your smile and adapt to every setting you're placed in.

This means having a keen sense of how to behave in different situations and also what to wear. Clients will appreciate an escort who clearly has good fashion sense and general style. How you look and how much you impress your client could be the reason you get return clientele or build up a good base of clients who book you.

Dress To Impress

Other escorts are keeping up with the latest fashion trends in clothing, lingerie, shoes and accessories and you also have to make sure you're doing the same. Clients will rather book an escort who looks after herself and is clearly well groomed over an escort who seems like she doesn't care about herself. A well-groomed escort is an indication she's aiming to please. An essential quality in any escort.

If you haven't figured it out by now, escorts have to be able to pretend. There are occasions where the money will be your main incentive and it's easy to let your mood or emotions get the best of you but if you want to succeed in this business you have to learn to pretend and to create mental and emotional blocks so you are never directly affected by any of the situations or clients you encounter in your profession. Keep a clear boundary between your real life and escorting.

So before you jump right into escorting because you've been seduced by tales of wealthy beautiful women living in penthouses, just consider some of these points and remember, just like any profession, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make it to the top.

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