Visiting Saffron Walden

27th Dec 2017

At Bees Angels outcall escort agency, our stunning angels are always happy to visit clients no matter where they are in the South-East region of the UK. The visiting service we offer means that clients in all parts of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire are able to enjoy the services that our stunners offer, and this extends out to the Essex village of Saffron Walden.

A small market town just around 12 miles north of Bishop’s Stortford, Saffron Walden has its roots deeply set in Medieval times. There are a number of original buildings from this era still in place and these are still used as residential homes to this day. The town maintains its quiet, rural appearance and whilst there are still plenty of modern-day amenities that the local community needs, there are also lots of remnants of the past to show why this little town has survived in popularity for so long.

There is evidence to show that a settlement has been in this area from the Neolithic period but most of the building started after the Norman invasion of 1066. A stone church, a priory and Walden Abbey were built around this time however after King Henry VIII dissolution of the monasteries, the Abbey was turned into a private residence and became Audley End house. This is a National Trust property that you can visit, although it is a little different today than when it was an Abbey. Over the hundreds of years, subsequent owners have added to and changed its appearance according to the building styles of the day however the main Jacobean style persists and the property is very much a palace in all but name. Indeed it was so grand that Charles II bought the property in 1668 for £50,000 for his use when he was visiting Newmarket races. He would spend his week at the races and then stay in nearby Audley End House. Today entire wings have been demolished and yet still, it is a breathtaking structure and it seems that the building of it was the reason that the first Earl of Suffolk ended up in the Tower of London for embezzlement!

There are plenty of things and places to visit and Saffron Walden is a place that attracts many day-trippers and weekend visitors and of course, for many of the male visitors, it is a chance to make a date with our local Saffron Walden escorts. Our escorts are local to the general area and do not necessarily live in Saffron Walden itself, however, being an outcall escort agency we can have the lady of your choice with you in no time at all and if you are staying in a local hotel or guest house then of course our Saffron Walden escorts can visit you there. Our beauties are also happy to visit local residents to our service is not limited to travellers and tourists.

During your visit why not go to one of the last surviving turf mazes in the UK? As one might expect, these are ancient mazes cut out of the turf although in some cases they are etched out of boulders or brick lined. The one at Saffron Walden was known to have been recut in 1699 although its existence is said to be many hundreds of years older. Of course, these mazes are very difficult to date since they get overgrown and many have been lost to time but it was said that in the early medieval periods there were cut mazes in almost every settlement in the country. This is an enigma that is reserved only for those northern Europe countries so perhaps it was something to do with Danelaw or Vikings either way, these are interesting to visit and enjoy with your beautiful Saffron Walden escort. Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9