The City of Norwich

19th Dec 2017

Norwich may sound like a provincial town however it has a great deal of history spanning thousands of years which brings many people to the area year in, year out. Colemans mustard comes from this area and it is very common to see fields of mustard growing everywhere, Norwich cathedral is a wonderful example of Norman architecture – they certainly built things to last and in the resulting 900 years of its existence it is famous for its 315 foot spire, the second highest in England.
Norwich is featured in the Doomesday book of 1086 as having a population of around 6000 and this was a huge number of people by the standards of the day when a typical village had around 100-150 people at the most. Plague rested its deathly hand on Norwich just like many other towns around England and thousands were reported to have succumbed however the population even after the plague was tenfold of that reported in the doomsday book hundreds of years earlier which showed what a prosperous town Norwich in Norfolk had become.
In millennium gone by, the Anglo Saxons ruled the area and there are still many different aspects of that time which remain. There are old ruins, settlements and ancient artefacts housed in the many privately owned museums and heritage centres. If you are a bit of a history buff, then this is one place you will certainly enjoy visiting. The one thing which could make your visit to this area of Norfolk even more enjoyable is to share your discoveries with one of our Norwich escorts.
As you might expect in Norwich, the countryside surrounding the city is very beautiful and there are many famous parks in this area including Waterloo park which can claim the honour of having the longest herbaceous borders than any other public area – Norwich really knows how to live!! However, you can enjoy a stroll in the open air with your beautiful Norwich escort should you desire, although many simply prefer to remain ensconced in their hotel room together.
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If you are thinking of visiting Norwich for whatever reason, then you don’t have to worry about getting around or getting back out of Norwich as there are many ways to do this. If you are not too far away from the city, there is the chance to hire a bicycle and you won’t have to worry about where to leave it when you visit a shop or museum as there are 96 different stands dotted around the age old town. Furthermore, there are many transport options to choose from including taxi’s, buses, and car hire if you’d like to just rely on yourself to get around.
Our Norwich escorts are happy to travel throughout East Anglia to provide their very special outcall service to you in Norwich or wherever you are staying in Norfolk. Our Norwich escorts will be delighted to share many different social pleasures with you such as accompanying you to your private or public engagements, out to dinner or simply to spend time with you whilst you explore the area. The Norwich area has a whole lot of things to see and do and many may interest you including museums, theatres, cinemas and art venues. There are also many green spaces for you to walk around for a nice relaxing day out in the sun – should the sun actually put in an appearance!
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