Storm Ophelia

24th Oct 2017

Recently in Hertfordshire, we have had Storm Ophelia and a fluke summer interlude that turned our skies orange and cast a sepia tone throughout much of the country. This weekend, the interesting weather is set to continue although this time it will come in the form of high winds and battering rain and with the name of Brian. We are not entirely sure who sets the official names for these storms but we wonder if they might not have considered using something that comes across as a little more ferocious. Brian is hardly a name which instils terror, quite the opposite in fact! Names aside, storm Brian is set to bring with it a great deal of damage and even some power cuts as it has been labelled as a 'weather bomb' by the Met office. Now, this is a better name which certainly does reflect the amount of damage the storm could do!

The Met office has issued a yellow warning for Hertfordshire on Saturday so for those clients who wish to make a booking with any of our beauties this weekend, anywhere in Hertfordshire, we urge them to do so at their earliest convenience. This is simply because we tend to find that a number of our savvy clients, predict any possible disruptions to traffic and transport and simply book themselves an overnight encounter the night before so that they ensure they do not miss out on any fun with our Hertfordshire escorts. This, of course, leaves those clients who call at the last minute at something of a disadvantage and sometimes disappointment as the Hertfordshire escorts they want to see are already booked up in advance. It does sometimes pay to plan ahead!

That being said, our Hertfordshire escorts are always happy to get to clients wherever they are in the county and given the fact that it covers an area of over 1600 km square, is no mean feat! From Bishops Stortford to Berkhamsted, our Hertfordshire escorts certainly do travel and sometimes they can spend many hours getting from one end of the county to the other and then all the way back again so if we know in advance where our clients are located, it always helps with our logistics nightmare!

Part of the M11 motorway runs through Hertfordshire and is often the scene of accidents and emergencies. Bad weather warnings, especially those which predict gusts of up to 80mph can certainly put a dampener on your ardour so we would, of course, advise caution if you are travelling that way to meet with your chosen Hertfordshire escort. There are so many different hotels in all parts of the county that we would advise clients to perhaps arrive at their destination the night before to ensure that they are stress-free and ready for fun as soon as their companion arrives. Our Hertfordshire escorts are highly skilled young ladies in the art of seduction and sensual companionship and are happy to help their companions relax into their encounter in their own inimitable ways.

Of course with such bad weather heading our way in Hertfordshire, the best advice we can give is to stay in your homes or hotel and do not venture out at all. This may leave you at something of a loose end so why not fill that time with some sensual company and give us a call at Bees Angels. Our ladies are located locally in the county and there could even be a beautiful young lady right around the corner who will help pass the time whilst the winds are whipping up out there! There could be nothing better than being safe and cosy inside while all hell is breaking loose outside. You will emerge refreshed and revitalised and wonder what all the fuss was about! Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9