Steamy Nights Under the Stars

7th Dec 2017

Camping is not the kind of activity that one would normally associate as being popular at this time of year however glamping has come along way since its inception around 10 years ago. In those early days ‘posh’ camping offered real duvets and something a bit softer than the usual canvas beds we had always been used to but as tastes have become that bit more sophisticated, glamping has certainly gone up a notch so that today it can be enjoyed in all weathers and at all times of the year. Hell, some glamping sites even include private hot tubs which is a world away from those cold showers that early campers had to use!

In the East of England, all that open space means that there are plenty of luxury camping sites to choose from. Whilst Glamping is a term that has been adopted by music festivals and basically consists of a large urt type marquee tend with inflatable mattresses and electricity, there is still a distinct lack of suitable sanitary provisions to make it truly luxurious however if you are not going to a music festival and prefer not to come away with hepatitis or some other horrid disease then perhaps a visit to a truly luxury camping ground would be more your cup of tea or perhaps glass of prosecco if we are going to be really posh.

Secret Meadows is a luxury campsite located near Woodbridge in Suffolk. Within its beautiful 115 acres of carefully manicures woodland and gardens are beautiful and picturesque domiciles with running water and private bathrooms that allow you to sleep in rustic charm amongst the wildflower meadows and under the stars (sort of). You can choose the type of accommodation you want and these vary between a large safari tent, a Gypsy caravan or even what they calla hobbit box (basically a very luxurious cabin. Each of these types of accommodation not only provide the private toilet facilities we wouldn’t even consider to be luxurious but basic requirements these days but they also feature private kitchens so that we don’t have to be quite at one with nature. Obviously, these are not a cheap way to camp but they are certainly an experience especially the log-fired hot tubs that could be the perfect way to enjoy a steamy night under the stars.

Wild luxury camping in Norfolk is an African safari-themed site where guests stay in large canvas safari tents which are a little more robust than you would imagine. These also feature fully equipped kitchens and are warned with a full-size range for that added rustic charm. They have flushing loos and power showers so perhaps not quite the most authentic safari experience and you won't have to hunt for too long for your food since you can request food hampers to be delivered to your tent if you prefer. That is our kind of safari trip where the food just happily lands at your door! Of course, the way to make these trips even more magical is to ensure that you spend your time in gloriously wild company. Our outcall escorts in East Anglia are locally situated so that you can enjoy the company of any of our Norfolk escorts or indeed our Suffolk escorts and make that trip that little bit more special.
Why not call our agency tonight and see which of our wild beauties is available. If it turns out to be colder than expected you can always keep warm the best way that survivalists will always advise – body heat! Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9