Stanstead Airport

22nd Oct 2017

Bitcoin is an internet currency that has, for years, been the currency of choice for those using online porn sites, The Adult Industry has been quick to use the currency as it offers clients the chance to make online payments without revealing any personal details whatsoever. As always with new technology, the rest of the world has been slow to follow but this week it was announced that Essex housebuilding company Go Homes is offering for sale one of its newest homes on a site in Colchester, Essex which can be purchased with bitcoin currency.

The company bravely state that the Bitcoin currency will become widely accepted over the next five years and those who were at the forefront of the use of PayPal when it was in its infancy remember too well when adult sites were the only ones to use it.If you have a stash of old Bitcoins, it might be in your interest to hang onto them as their value has increased tremendously in the last year or so with 82.55 bitcoins being equivalent to £350,000 which incidentally is the value of the Colchester home.

Our Essex escorts do not accept Bitcoin sadly although this may change as the currency becomes more widely used. Whilst we do offer adult services, we work in the real world and since our clients require a personal face to face service we have no need to use an alternative currency but that is not to say that we won't embrace change when necessary.

Being an Essex escort agency our outcall escorts visit all areas of Essex, including Colchester where this house is for sale. You never know, if you have a stash of Bitcoins and want to use them to purchase a house you could also find yourself entertaining one of our Essex escorts as your first house guest. Our outcall escorts certainly cover the entire Essex area but they don't have to limit their encounters to house visits, since there are so many venues in which to enjoy a great night out in Colchester you could combine your tryst with a lovely dinner date or perhaps trip the light fantastic at one of the town centre clubs. You could, of course, decide to skip the whole night out and stay cosy and intimate at home together. Pop open a bottle of wine and relax in the comfort of your own home with every dream and desire catered to by our beautiful Colchester escorts.

The Bitcoin house, as it is becoming known as, is located on a new development in Elmstead Green. Situated just on the outskirts of Colchester it is a beautiful green area with plenty of space and lots of large, modern homes set around a village green. It is close to the station giving easy access for commuters to the city although, with everything so well situated so close by, there is little, other than work, to entice you away from the area. This is especially true of our Essex escorts at Bees Angels.

Our beautiful Essex escorts are high class, elegant, refined and obviously beautiful. They are highly skilled and extremely experienced in various aspects of pleasure. Essex is known for being somewhat brash and lacking in class and yet our own Essex escorts are the very epitome of style and sensuality. You will have to find this out for yourself, of course, so we recommend that you make your date with any of our Essex escorts at your earliest convenience. Our team at our Essex escort agency are on hand to assist with your booking, so if there is anything you need to know, please do not hesitate to ask. Just don't ask if we accept Bitcoin!

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