Spiced Pumpkin Air Fresher

6th Nov 2017

This is the time of year where pumpkins tend to feature heavily. Social media is awash with pumpkin carving creations and recipes are heavily shared for things to do with them after they have served their purpose as Halloween decorations but spare a thought for the poor teacher who caused an entire school to be evacuated, 5 people to be taken to hospital and a call out from the hazardous materials response team simply because she plugged in a spiced pumpkin air freshener!

It seems that the pungent smell caused stomach upsets to students with many other people reporting difficulty breathing, of course once the source of the odour was located, the air freshener was unplugged and everything returned to normal! The pumpkin is primarily used in the UK for its Halloween associations. The centre of the pumpkin is hollowed out and the skin is carved in various ways to allow light from a candle which is placed inside to shine through. In other countries the pumpkin features more as a vegetable food source although is also used in such things as pumpkin pie. It is one of the most popular crops grown in the USA in areas such as Illinois, Ohio and California.

In the UK, it never really caught on as a major food source although it is starting to become more popular within health food shops and organic sources but primarily it is used during the Halloween traditions and not too popular as an air freshener here. With the Halloween events all but at an end, the popularity of the pumpkin is expected to fade into the background as it does every year.

Halloween is not really a holiday that is celebrated in the UK as it is in the USA. Whilst youngsters do go out trick or treating in the USA it is a major public holiday. In East Anglia we tend to only use it as an excuse to dress up in fancy dress and go out and have a good time. Many bars and restaurants have themed nights and it is a great excuse to come up with a super sexy devilish costume to wow other party goers. Our own Anglia escorts have been enjoying the Halloween celebrations as they have been to numerous parties and all worn exceptionally stunning and sexy costumes.

Our East Anglia outcall escorts don;t need much excuse to dress up in sexy clothing although Halloween gives them the extra reason to really go to town! Most people use this time of year to express their inner devils however our East Anglia escorts are known to be naughty little minxes for the entire year and perhaps this is why our clients enjoy spending so much time with them!

The way people behave during Halloween is very much like the way people look at fetish and fantasy fun. This is the chance to pretend to be someone else that they wouldn't usually feel comfortable with and this act of taking on a different personality allows us the sense of freedom to pursue an idea that we might not otherwise feel comfortable with. Enjoying a fantasy encounter with one of our East Anglia escorts does the same thing. Our ladies are more than happy to take on a role that their clients want them to play and they throw themselves into it with enthusiasm and energy. Clients can at last be the person or enjoy the actions they want without any issue. If this sounds like an ideal situation then why not contact our agency and ask about our fantasy fun escorts. The humble pumpkin could be the trigger for a more satisfying experience than you ever thought possible.

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