Shop Till You Drop

27th Dec 2017

Despite the fact that some people like to think that Christmas is a time of love and happiness, most of us know that it is actually a time of shopping and lots of it. Whether you love it or hate it, shopping for that perfect, or otherwise, gift for people takes up a great deal of time before the big day and once it is all over, we all breathe a sigh of relief that it is over and done with for at least another twelve months.

Essex s an area of the South East where shopping is catered for in style. Essex has not one but two major shopping malls in the form of Freeport Braintree and Lakeside. Both of these shopping centres are destinations that people will go for an entire day in order to get all of their shopping done at once or at least, everything that they cannot get online and the companies in charge of these malls know that in order to keep people there as long as possible, and therefore spend more money, need to ensure that there are as many cafes and food outlets as there are stores!

Last week it was announced that at both Freeport in Braintree and Lakeside in Thurrock, there are many new stores opening. Freeport has three new stores suit direct, chic fashion outlet and the calendar club. At Suit direct, you will find famous fashion labels including Reiss and this is perhaps the best place to head to for all those outfits that men need during the party season. It is a fact that on New years eve there are plenty of places which require formal dress so rather than hiring a suit every year it is sometimes better to purchase one for yourself and Suits Direct is the place that has the most choice when it comes to fabrics, cut and fit.

The chic fashion store offers party wear and clothes for a more understated style. These are everyday items such as tops and jeans as well as party outfits that would be more suited to regular nights out or places that do not have a dress code. The calendar club is especially busy at this time of year as people like to get their calendars for the following year and this store has the usual themed yearly calendars and those which can be useful for work as well as personal use.

Intu Lakeside is another retail destination that is going from strength to strength. The company has announced plans for a leisure extension in 2018 and this is something that will include more stores, flagship designers and, as a new addition, places to extend the fun into the evening with social spaces, bars, entertainment and of course more restaurants. This year, however, before all that happens they still have new brands joining the main shopping complex and these include Cath Kidson, Calzedonia and intimissini.

The Cath Kidson brand is perhaps best known for homewares with fresh and bright patterns and has something of a cult following, so ideal for Christmas gifts for that awkward to buy person and Calzedonia is the Italian hosiery brand where you can find pure silk stockings and all things leg related! Intimissini is a lingerie brand with some sensual and erotic items for sale and this is a place that many of our beautiful Essex escorts are excited about the opening.

Our Essex escorts ( at Bees Angels love to wear the sexiest and alluring lingerie items so this is perhaps the place that they have been waiting for locally and all that is needed now is an Agent Provocateur to open and they will be set for life! Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9