Pre-Christmas Blues

7th Dec 2017

Social Media has been set alight with the news that in certain parts of the country there was a small dusting of snow today. Of course the usual squealers were those in London who posted pictures across twitter in a panicked frenzy about how they were not going to be able to get home. Despite the fact that the tube system is mainly underground and unlikely to be affected by any amount of snowfall (although that doesn’t mean that unions will not use it as an excuse to demand better working conditions and then order an all out strike) the amount of snowfall was barely more than a few flakes which in retrospect could have actually been dust on a camera lens if the truth be told but it is amusing how people in the city tend to panic at the first sign of a snowflake. It does seem that most millennials who have been born in a city tend to get PTSD about most of life’s regular occurrences and unlike those in Lincoln, who take a much calmer view of the impending snow storm, they scream every last detail on social media.

In Lincoln it was a very different story. The newspaper headlines screamed with excitement at the forecasts that predicted that snow would be arriving this week. Winter is Coming was the headline that most media outlets chose with excited predictions about the plummeting temperatures and the snow that they might bring. Forecasters were urged to talk about a blanket of snow that is predicted for the next few days and children excitedly hoped that it would be enough to close their schools so that they could go sledging rather than do maths.

Coastal areas were the ones which were likely to be much more affected and places like Skegness, Mablethorpe and Ingoldmells whooped for joy at the thought of the white stuff landing in their area. How very different from city places like London and Cambridge who took the opinion that all life would stop and it was the start of ‘the end’ if a single flake of snow should fall in their city. Our own escorts in Lincoln are just as excited as the rest of the locals to think that they may see a few flurries over the weekend. Many of our Lincolnshire escorts come from places in Eastern Europe where it is common to experience snow in the winter and they like its arrival as it simply makes them feel much more at home.

Unfortunately, in the UK we are used to ‘grey’ weather. We can deal with overcast , cloudy and rain but we cannot seem to deal with sun or snow much to the ridicule of the rest of the world. Our own Eastern European escorts come from places like Latvia and Poland and of course Russia where temperatures remain well below -10 degrees in the winter so the temperatures that we experience in the UK are seen are somewhat tropical to them.

Perhaps this is why our Eastern European and Russian escorts in Lincoln love the winter so much. They all know of a great way to keep warm and keep the body temperature high. One must ensure that they keep their heart rates pumping with a steady pulse rate and lots of exercise. Our stunning escorts are ready willing and able to show precisely how clients can ensure that they keep their pulse rate up when the snows fall, and indeed at any other time of the year so what are you waiting for, why not give our snow queens a call? Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9