Plan A Trip To Cambridge!

27th Feb 2018

For those of you who've either never been to Cambridge or have been many times, you might be interested in knowing what sort of hidden gems there are to visit within the city. Some of the top unusual things that you can do in the town of Cambridge are as discussed below – 

The Blue Ball

The Blue Ball, Grantchester is one of the excellent pubs in Cambridge that has remained hidden or has not got the exposure as it should have. This pub serves the most original drinks, and the décor of the pub is a very good one. The ambience of the pub is as such that you should definitely not miss it at any cost. If missed, it will be a lifetime opportunity gone. The Blue Ball is one of the top places in Cambridge to hang out as well.

Water Flumes at the Parkside Pools

As indicated by the name, the water flumes at the Parkside Pools are specially designed for the kids to give the kids endless hours of fun. Not only the kids but also the adults can have a wonderful time, and this is probably the place in the town of Cambridge to have most fun for a minimal cost thereby putting almost no pressure on your pocket as well.

Reality Checkpoint

Another of the unusual things to do in Cambridge is to visit the Reality Checkpoint. When you are standing at the Reality Checkpoint on Parker’s Piece, you get a similar kind of satisfaction to standing in the middle of the Oxford Circus crossing which evokes a feeling like you are at the epicentre of London.

Pottering on the River

Pottering on the river is one more unusual thing to do in the city of Cambridge which will definitely give you peace and satisfaction. This would be an extremely relaxing trip and would simply have a revitalizing effect which is enough to fill you up with energy. You can carry a jug of beer which you can enjoy while on the canoe. 

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Top Luxury Hotels in Cambridge

Of course, after spending such an incredible day exploring the various activities Cambridge has to offer you'll need somewhere for you and your companion to relax. There are many luxury hotels in Cambridge, but not all of them might be a fit for you. You need to ensure that you read the reviews online before you make your bookings. If you are travelling alone, we can provide you with the best escorts to give you company during your stay. All of our escorts are adept adult entertainers, and no other escorts can match their finesse. But, before you know how they can blow away your mind, you should know about the top luxury hotels that you can consider.

The names of the top luxury hotels in the city of Cambridge are listed below –

The Varsity Hotel and Spa

One of the top luxurious hotels in the city of Cambridge is the Varsity and Spa. This luxurious hotel not only offers the guests with some of the most stylish, luxurious and expensive rooms for a comfortable stay but also provides a full-on spa experience. The spa is on the campus of the hotel and can be availed at any time by the guests at the hotel. In addition to this, you can give yourself a treat with the traditional afternoon tea along with some fantastic selection of cakes and finger sandwiches. Also, the rooftop restaurant and bar provide the panoramic view of the city which cannot be missed.

University Arms

The University Arms is all set to reopen in the early summer of the year 2018 after a huge renovation work of about 80 million British pounds and is an incredibly long-awaited jewel in the crown of independent hotels in the city Cambridge. The hotel has 192 rooms which will give the guests a lot of space for a luxury retreat. Apart from the fantastic rooms, there is a superb restaurant that serves tasty and delicious food.


Tamburlaine is another of the luxurious hotel which is conveniently located very close to the central railway station of Cambridge which makes it very easy for the guests to travel to and from the hotel. The luxurious hotel has a contemporary style, and its primary focus is on the comfort of the guests. The rooms of the hotel are spacious and elegantly decorated. Apart from this, there is a restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines and the bar that serves high - quality drinks which make the stay memorable for the guests.

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