Party Fun in East Anglia

26th Dec 2017

As well as all the partying and having fun there is the serious Christmas business of gift buying. Every year it seems that our list of receivers gets ever longer as our friends get married or enter into long-running relationships or our family members have kids of their own and so the list goes on and on. Funds during December are already stretched to breaking point as there are just so many different Christmas parties, dinners, lunches and other celebrations to go to and all of these must have a new outfit and a budget set aside for food and drink so it takes a clever person to figure out which gifts to buy friends and family so any ideas on things that are a little different are always welcome from around September onwards.

For significant others, be they your sex partner or otherwise it is often easier to come up with something they will really appreciate but what if your significant other is away from you for most of the time or you are only in a sexual relationship but still feel that you want to get a gift to mark the season. Well, a company has come up with the ideal solution so that your partner can enjoy some private ‘me time’ even when they are not with you and still think of you at the same time.

The wobbling willy is a dildo which comes with a removable head at the end so that the lady of your dreams can stare at you whilst enjoying the fun. The dildo is a 100% silicone and sculped at one end in the shape on an appendage and the other end is a polymer clay model of your head! Oh, the joy! You send in a photograph of yourself and they turn the 2D picture into a 3D model before mailing it out to you or the recipient of the gift. To make it all the more classy they arrive in a faux suede pouch and with no batteries or wires to get tangled up in, this is the gift that keeps on giving!

So, whilst the men have an advance silicone female doll which can be designed to look like an entire person, women get a willy with a head-on. Perhaps it is about time that entrepreneurial women turned their minds to enter into the sex toy industry!

Of course perhaps this kind of toy is a little over the top when a simple bunch of flowers or even a box of chocolates would do however if you intend on giving celebrations chocolates, beware that most women are still fuming from the fact that in 2011, the makers decided in their infinite wisdom to replace the galaxy truffle chocolate with a mini Twix! Outrage. People are still reeling from this insult today and every year since it has come up in forums and lit up social media with the abject disappointment, so perhaps these are not the chocolates to give unless you want to spark an argument or instigate disappointment. Perhaps just a huge bar of Galaxy truffle chocolate will be the ideal gift after all but if you are stuck then there are always those solid silver Gucci handcuffs that were recently on sale for over $60,000! Now that really is a statement of intent!

Gift buying can certainly be a minefield and where no intention to upset of insult is meant, can sometimes have the opposite effect. Perhaps the best way to say, I appreciate you and Merry Christmas is simply to gift Amazon vouchers as these leave the recipient to choose exactly what it is they want. Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9