New Year Parties

26th Dec 2017

With all the Christmas parties and celebrations happening, it is probably fair to say that most of us are all partied out by the time January 2nd comes around. It is no wonder that most of the bars and pubs are empty in January and it has nothing to do with the silly Dry January campaign that they roll out every year. The truth is, there is only so much fun and wild antics we can take, or is there?

The results of a new survey by hostel world (now this should give you an idea as to what types of people were surveyed) have revealed that Hamburg in Germany is the best place in the world to party! People travel from all over Europe in order to experience the DJ’s and underground bars in a city that was deemed to be easy to get around, very safe and friendly.

Previously the top spot has gone to Berlin, but this year the ex-clubbing capital of the world has found itself dropped to position three in the scale of desirability with Hamburg coming out on top and Copenhagen in Denmark taking second place. London did not even feature in the top ten although Dublin came in at number 4. Suffice to say that Bedford, Cambridge and any other places in East Anglia did not feature either. Obviously, they did not survey anyone who uses the services of our stunning East Anglia escorts as they would have definitely voted for the nights they enjoy with our stunning young ladies, with or without a DJ.

London it seems came in at number 26, due to the low marks on affordability, one might imagine that it did not fare too well in terms of friendliness either since Copenhagen is notoriously expensive yet no-one seemed to mention that. It is a shame that people seem to focus on only capital cities since they are usually the most expensive to enjoy a wild night out in. One thing the survey did not seem to take into account was the fact that with most nights out, the reason they turn out to be an excellent night or not is all down to the company and who the evening was shared with. We are sure most people can agree that they have endured what was supposed to be an amazing night which cost an absolute fortune and yet because they were in the wrong company, they did not enjoy it one little bit and then there are other times when the evening was expected to be a real drag and yet turned out to be amazing simply because it was shared with a group of people who made the night worth enjoying. This is the case with our stunning east Anglia escorts.

Our ladies are the perfect company to spend the evening with and can ensure that your entire evening is rescued from an absolute disaster into one of the best nights you have ever enjoyed. It does not matter that you are not in the Capital and not in any of these European locations, it does not matter that the supposedly ‘best’ DJs are not present or that the drinks are flowing because you are in the very best company you can imagine and in order to get the very most out of your evening, it is better not to drink too much anyway!

We look forward to the day when an encounter with a local escort is one of the options in a survey which measures how good an evening someone is enjoying as we can guess which option would come out on top! Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9