New Cambridge Train System

7th Dec 2017

In Cambridge, it was reported last week that the city would be getting their very own metro system in the next few years. Of course, this was received by some as a wonderful addition to this thriving and innovative city but by others, it was seen as a loss of even more green space in a place which is already to outgrown for its location. The fact is that the city is desperately in need of a better transport system than it currently has and with all the extra building that is promised for the area then the transport infrastructure needs to be expanded in order to support all those extra people.

It is interesting that Cambridge was one of the main cities who supported free movement of people from Europe and even launched an independence campaign to set itself apart from the rest of the country which were not so keen on the increase of their population however the same city that berates others for not being as inclusive as they prefer not to provide the infrastructure they so badly need, and will certainly need even more if this expansion continues, and try to shy away from the cold hard facts that a bigger population means less green space.

Perhaps the people of Cambridge should follow the example set by those in London, a true metropolis if ever there was one. Whilst they are happy to see their city expand in all directions they are also happy to meet the infrastructure needs that all these new people are likely to need. Of course, like much of the country there are housing shortages but for the most part, London is in a unique situation in that it has a limited amount of space it can use whereas Cambridge is blessed with an abundance of farms, fields and wide open spaces that are perfect to house all the newcomers. Despite its lack of space London is still trying hard to keep up with the modern times and in many cases lead the way. Their London underground system has just announced that not only are they committing to the new HS2 train system which will see a plethora of new train stations and services pop up around the city but that the system will also link up to places outside of London which will enable faster movement throughout the country.

Cambridge could benefit from this in years to come however it can only do so if it already has a train system to link up to. Additionally, the London underground has just revealed plans to introduce 4G throughout its system which means that people can now connect to wifi whilst at stations and in the tunnels throughout their journeys. In places like New York and Japan, this has been commonplace for many years but rather than worrying about how long it has taken to get these things, think instead of the fact that we are now set to get them and at Last catch up. It would be a shame if such a progressive place such as Cambridge would miss out and indeed it is unlikely that any of our European friends would be so keen to stay in Cambridge if it were to fall behind in terms of innovation and convenience. Indeed our own Cambridge escorts are keen to embrace these new conveniences and perhaps other locals should follow suit?

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