Masturbation Month

15th Jan 2018

Masturbation month has been a thing recently – certainly on social media and whilst it has proven to be a light-hearted distraction to the referendum campaign it certainly has not achieved the same level of interest. The idea is to promote the fact that masturbation is not anything bad, in fact, the idea has taken on a new level of imagination with the ‘jerk shirt’. With its fully bendable prosthetic arm so that you can fool people into thinking that both your hands are visible and a ‘splash guard’ built into the material to save yourself any embarrassment post public wank this is the perfect gift to give all your friends who enjoy public self-love. Of course, this is made for just men and costs £35 so perhaps something to the biggest wanker on your Christmas list.

Of course, here at Bees Angels, it is safe to say that we consider ourselves to be fairly liberal-minded but even we draw the line at a product which encourages self-love in public without the consent of those around you. Far better to enjoy your intimacy with someone who is onboard with your desires and which negates the use of a prosthetic hand!

Our gorgeous line up of stunning local escorts is all you need to have a great time in private. Intimate dates are what we do best and indeed our beautiful escorts in Peterborough much prefer shared loving than anything else. Whilst masturbation has its place as Masturbation month points out, it is not in public even if you are the proud owner of a ‘jerk shirt’.

Necessity may be the master of innovation but our stunning escorts in Cambridgeshire are extremely innovative themselves. Adventurous and fun they know exactly how to have the very best time without having to resort to cheap (or not so cheap) gimmicks. Let your imagination wander in the right way and make a date with our stunning Peterborough escorts today and keep both hands where we can see them!

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Still on the subject of self-loving, women have a hand's free gadget too. Whilst the men can stay out in the open in their jerk shirt women can get all technical with the dildo drone. The clever people behind the dildo selfie stick, because let’s face it, everyone wants a selfie whilst in mid-orgasm, have come up with the next level of private fun. A remote-controlled dildo that flies around the room and then directly into your vagina. Take a moment to think about this.

There are plenty of quips about landing strips and slippery runways and plenty of wincing about rotors and all sorts of injuries and even the promotional website itself features a video of a delighted woman settling down with a burger in one hand and a beer in the other leaving her hands free to get off on her drone without interrupting her lunch. Paradise.

So, what can be deduced from Masturbation month? Quite frankly not a lot. Those of us who enjoy the pleasure of reaching cloud nine are better off enjoying the journey with someone equally minded. At Bees Angels escort agency, we are blessed with a portfolio of stunning beauties from all countries of the world who are as open-minded and adventurous as one could hope. Rather than resorting to dubious and even dangerous gadgets, enjoy pleasure in the way that it was designed millions of years ago. Technology has its place but keep it out of the bedroom! Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9