Marks and Spencers Prosecco

7th Dec 2017

Christmas is a time when we like to treat ourselves as we feel that sometimes it shouldn’t all be about buying gifts for others. There are very few of us who have the strength to be able to spend large sums of our hard-earned money buying gifts for others without popping that little treat in for ourselves. There are even memes circulating on social media which define this perfectly in that people have spent so much time shopping and so far, not managed to buy a single gift for someone else! In light of this modern behaviour perhaps we should not deny ourselves these little luxuries but rather try to keep them as little and not spend all our Christmas budget on those amazing things that you suddenly can’t live without!

Marks and Spencer have got the idea in that they have just released a brand new Christmas inspired flavour of crisps that won't quite break the bank if we fancy a treat. They are a little odd in that they are winter berries and prosecco flavoured with edible gold stars for that added touch of luxury. Now whilst this is certainly not something one would give as a gift to anyone, it could certainly work as a personal treat and pick me up after a hard day trying to find that gift for those difficult family members you never see from year to year anyway. Mind you, if you never see them then why not skip the gift altogether and go and buy something else for yourself, like perhaps an M&S pudding smoothie. We have all heard of the cake shakes that have been proudly displayed in our local bars for those who are the designated drivers of the evening but this smoothie is pretty much a mashed up version of them. It comes in a handy resealable bottle for when you are on the go and so even if you can’t stop but yet still have to have that serving of traditional Christmas pudding (as we all do) then this is the perfect answer to modern day woes.

It is fair to say that Christmas inspires some weird and wonderful creations and the fact that we are much more open to them at this time of year does not stop the manufacturers in coming up with new ones every year. One would think that there were certain things that were excluded from the traditional Christmas festivities, like say, Pizza. There is little which we can associate with Christmas from this type of food but Asda has broken all the rules and instead of having to settle for a frozen pizza if the Christmas Turkey ends up as charcoal terrible cooks can now enjoy a limited edition Christmas dinner pizza. Perfect if you are strapped for cash and cannot make a proper roast you just slam this in the oven and pat yourself on the back. Marketed as a festive feast with none of the fuss it will come topped with chicken, roast potatoes, Brussel sprouts and drizzled with cranberry sauce. Not entirely sure on this one but it is unlikely to impress your gran if you happen to be the Christmas host this year.

There is a lot to be said for being more adventurous at this and at any other time of the year and at Bees Angels our East Anglia escorts like to ensure they have enough fizz in their encounters to keep them exciting and fresh but when it comes to food flavours we like to keep things traditional so you can keep your prosecco crisps and we will stick to the real bubbles thank you. Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9