Maria’s Favorite Role Play

8th Jan 2018

I think it must be my portfolio images but the most often requested type of appointment I get is for secretary roleplay. I can recount many an escapade with a gentleman in office buildings but the one I will describe here is one of the most exciting I can remember and it actually didn’t quite take place in an office.

I got the call on a Monday lunchtime, I remember this as I was having a quiet lunch with a girlfriend at her apartment in Keswick. I am usually so busy that I don’t often get to meet up with my old friends so my day off was something of a novelty and I have to admit I was a little resentful when my phone rang. ‘Damn,’ I thought, ‘should have turned it off.’ But I answered it somewhat reluctantly. It was the agency and they had a booking for me to meet a client outside an office on Duke Street at 6pm that evening. It was to be a secretary roleplay and I was to dress for the part. My date would meet me outside a particular office building and he would be wearing a grey suit and clearly holding a copy of Tatler. I was told I should arrive with a copy myself and I was not to acknowledge him but to make my way directly to the lifts. As I ended the call, my interest was piqued and an hour later I was heading home to get ready.

Later that evening I was ready in my black pencil skirt, cream chiffon blouse, black stockings, black patent heels and short black jacket. I pinned my long hair up into a loose up-do and found my black rimmed glasses to complete the outfit. I don’t normally wear glasses but I like the look and I feel it adds an extra sexiness to my secretary look. I called my cab and in no time I was on my way to Duke Street. We made a brief stop at a news stand so that I could pick up a copy of tatler before continuing the journey.

The evening was quite balmy and traffic wasn’t too bad as we had already missed the worst of the homeward bound commuters. The cab pulled up outside the address I had given him and immediately I saw a gentleman in a well tailored suit, carrying his own copy of the magazine. After paying the cab driver, I turned to look at the building and we made eye contact. Nothing was said but there was a greeting, of sorts, between us. I followed the instructions given to me earlier that afternoon and made my way directly to the lifts in the building, closely followed by my mysterious companion.

The foyer of the building was large and empty. The click of my high heeled shoes echoed with each step. I made my way over to the bank of lifts and stood in front of the nearest one and pressed the call button. My companion stood beside me but both of us just looked straight ahead. The lift arrived and was completely empty so we both stepped in. My hand hovered over the buttons, unsure of which floor to press so I was forced to enquire to my companion ‘Which floor would you like?’, ‘Top’ he answered gruffly and I duly pressed the button for the highest floor. The doors smoothly slid shut and the lift began to move.

I was stood with my back to my companion looking up at the board which displayed the floor numbers. As we sped past each floor I wondered what was to come however I was soon to have my answer as my companion reached around me to hit the stop button and the lift juddered to a standstill. The sudden jarring of the lift made me stumble a little but quick as a flash my companion grabbed my waist to steady me and held me close against him and the side of the lift. His face was close to mine and I could feel his hot breath on my cheek. He looked into my eyes for what seemed like an age and without saying a word he began to kiss me passionately on the lips.

I was a little taken aback however with his warm strong body pressed against me and the sweet taste of his lips against mine, I was powerless to object and I melted into him. His tongue probed my lips, licking, sucking and nibbling my full bottom lip. My own breathing was becoming more shallow and almost panting I arched my neck in response to his urgent and demanding kisses along my jaw line and down my neck. His hands were everywhere and I was lost in the pure passion and heady desire of the moment. He slid my jacket from my shoulders and unbuttoned the top two poppers of my blouse which revealed my demure lacy white bra underneath. My left leg was wrapped around his to hold him close and with his spare hand he slid my skirt up to my hip, exploring the flesh which was revealed between the top of my stocking and my tiny thong. He hooked his thumb into the thin lace and the tiny triangle of material was moved aside so that he could sample the sweetness of my pussy within.

His thumb rubbed back and forth over my clitoris sending tingles of pleasure through me, I strained to lift my pelvis up to him as I wanted him to plunge his fingers deep inside my hot wetness and he did so with great enthusiasm. Within seconds of entering me, I was brought to orgasm with a huge wave of pleasure which completely engulfed my whole body. As soon as my shudders had subsided, I slid to my knees and showed my total appreciation in a way that any man would not be able to resist. He was more than ready for me and groaned as I took him between my eager lips. I had got into a steady rhythm when he roughly grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up to a standing position. He held my leg against him and entered me with such power it was all I could do not to squeal. He thrusted into me like a piston but needed to go deeper so he held my other leg so that I was completely off the ground with my back pressed hard against the wall and my legs akimbo either side of his hips.

In this position he was able to fill me completely with his huge manhood and he did so again and again and again. After he was spent he lowered me down to a standing position so that I could adjust my clothing. He regained his composure and straightened his trousers and his tie and stood back, waiting for me to catch up. Once I was ready he pushed the ground floor lift button and the mechanism surged into power. As the lift moved downwards I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and noticed an envelope had been placed in my handbag. I smile and was about to speak when the lift doors opened and my companion stepped out into the waiting crowd. Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9