Lincoln Uni

2nd Nov 2017

Lincoln is a beautiful university city which is steeped in history. T also has a great many hills,, the most arduous of which is aptly named Steep hill. The hill takes you from the shopping centre below all the way up to the castle and the cathedral at the top. Brilliant vantage points in times of defence but today these hills prove to be a little too strenuous for some. Spare a thought though for the new residents of Bailgate Court which is currently being developed into 12 luxury apartments. Whilst there is no denying the amazing far reaching views these properties enjoy one would hope that the occupants are fit and healthy enough to be able to enjoy them once they have climbed the hill!

Our own Lincoln escorts have visited the Cathedral and indeed the Castle too and whilst they report back with a rosy glow about how beautiful and historic these buildings are one cannot fail to notice that their words are separated by gasps of air! Certainly worth a visit but not for the faint hearted nor the short of breath!

Our Lincoln escorts luckily offer a comprehensive outcall service which means that our clients do not have to endure the steep hills in the area. Clients can rest in their homes or hotel rooms and simply await the arrival of our beautiful escorts in Lincolnshire and not have to concern themselves with getting out and about. That is not to say that there isn't plenty to enjoy in the area as the nightlife is one of the best in the entire Lincolnshire county.

With so many different restaurants and bars in Lincoln there is plenty of choice for a night out. Lincoln is a university city so if you are looking for a thriving after dark economy, you will find it here. Fr those who seek more refinement in their evening endeavours then there are lots of different cocktail bards and private clubs which cater to these specific needs. Our own Lincoln escorts favour places like The Strait and Narrow which is located in the centre of town. Here you will find expertly made cocktails with knowledgeable bar staff and prices to keep out those who have lower expectations. Vice & Co is the aptly named cocktail bar of the moment. Great surroundings, expert mixologists and a great vibe make it the ideal place to enjoy a few drinks in the company of one of our beautiful Lincoln escorts. Once you have had your fill then you should think about taking your party to somewhere more private to fully enjoy the rest of the night ahead.

In Lincoln there is no shortage of hotels in which to stay and in most cases visitors will find something to suit every budget. There are many of the chain hotels situated here and perhaps these offer the best accommodation for anonymity and privacy. Given the fact that they tend not to be family run hotels, the staff are not too interested in how long guests stay and what they do when they are there. In a family run boutique hotel one usually finds that the staff and owners are much more interested in what their guests are doing and so can become rather awkward in certain circumstances. Our Lincoln escorts enjoy visiting their clients at the various premier Inns, Holiday Inns and Double Tree Hilton hotels that are located within the town centre and offer all the little luxuries a person could need. The only thing our Lincoln escorts have to add is that little personal touch. Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9