Lincoln Christmas Light Switch on

11th Nov 2017

The countdown to Christmas tends to start the moment the last firework has gone off although at least in Lincoln they have given a two week break before the official launch. Some people may have already started their Christmas shopping whilst others may still only be at the planning stages but in Lincoln, Christmas does not officially start until they have enjoyed the ig Christmas light switch on in the city.

This year the event takes place on 17th November so we still have almost a week to go. The St Marks Shopping centre and the Waterside shopping centre have planned events to take place on the same night so that everyone can be in the city centre at the same time. There will of course be late night shopping to take advantage of all those extra shoppers and music and entertainment to keep everyone happy. Lincoln FM will be keeping the music blasting out with cast of the local pantomime on hand to keep everyone happy, young and old. There is also planned to be a snow globe selfie station, a snow cannon and plenty of food and drinks stalls.

The city centre is not being left out as they have a festive treat in store for visitors too. There will be entertainers to keep everyone, well, entertained from 5pm in the City square and a big screen will show the live feed of the big switch on at 7pm. The High Street has their own light event with more of the same sort of entertainment so no matter what part of Lincoln you are in there is bound to be something happening near you. Of course with all these different events happening around the same time in the main city area then if you don't want to be caught up in the inevitable traffic then it is advisable to try to steer clear of all those routes on the day. Whilst there will be free parking at all the different parking places, when the events finish, there is sure to be mayhem with everyone leaving at the same sort of time. If you want to see the lights but don't want to get caught up in the gridlock that is bound to happen afterwards then why not consider booking a hotel room for the night and then you can also enjoy a date with any of our beautiful Lincoln escorts and not have to worry about traffic.

The city centre has plenty of restaurants and places to enjoy the evening. There are bars and clubs which are bound to have their own version of the festive spirit. Our Lincoln escorts can spend anything from a single hour right through to an entire night if you want and it would seem a shame to book a double room and then be the only one in it for most of the night! If you really want to start your Christmas festivities in the right way then why not book a date with two or more of our Lincoln escorts and enjoy a very special 'pamper' session of your own!

Our escort agency covers the entire Lincoln area as well as Peterborough, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire too. This is a vast geographical area so we would always advise clients to book with as much advance notice as possible, especially when they want their dates to cover those events which are bound to draw a crowd into the cities. Many people often think that they will wait until they are in the mood for some company and then call at the last minute and whilst we aim to always fulfil all appointments, sometimes our Lincoln escorts are simply too booked up. Call late at your own peril. Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9