Jolie welcomes Nick home

8th Jan 2018

Just like most escorts who work and live in a regional city I have a few gentlemen that I see on a fairly regular basis. Like any relationship, you can only get the best from it when you know the needs of the other person and I do pride myself on my ability to recognise these needs and fulfil them for each and every one of my gentlemen companions so when I got a call from Nick, letting me know that he was back in the City after his business trip to the States, I knew exactly how to welcome him home.

Nick worked for a pharmaceutical company and was often required at the American branch of the company. He would arrive in Cambridge, exhausted and sore from over 18 hours of travelling and in need of some beautiful female company. I made my way over to his home in an affluent area of Cambridge making sure I had remembered by bag of goodies. Nick lived in a beautiful area of the city not too far away from the centre but close enough for all amenities and one of those amenities included me!

Nick greeted me at the door with a tender kiss. He looked tired and drawn but he managed a warm smile as I ran my fingers through his hair and gently down his cheek in greeting. We went through to the lounge where he had a chilled bottle of fine wine waiting for us. He opened the bottle and poured us both a drink and ushered me towards the plush sofa. We made general conversation about various things in the news, his work and his recent trip. I mentioned that he looked in need of a massage and he eagerly agreed. I always find that sensual massage is a great way to start an encounter as it allows both myself and my companion to relax fully and ease ourselves into the right frame of mind.

I stood up and held my hand out to him. He placed his large, strong hand in mine and we made our way to his bedroom. As I had anticipated his need for a massage I had brought all my scented oils with me. We placed a soft towel on the bed and I began to seductively remove James’ clothes. He had a firm body and clearly looked after himself so I thoroughly enjoyed touching his chest as I unbuttoned his shirt and brushing my lips over his nipple as I reached to slide the garment off of his shoulders. I slid my hands to the waistband of his trousers and I could see that he was already aroused. I smiled knowingly as I unzipped his fly and slowly slid the trousers down his powerful legs, pausing briefly at his bulge to kiss the tip ever so gently. He stepped out of each leg and I stood up to kiss him deeply on the lips. His tongue slid between my lips to explore within and I reciprocated by snaking my own tongue around his. I could feel his excitement growing.

I stepped back so that I could take my own clothes off and he watched closely as I removed every garment seductively, almost performing a striptease right in front of him. When I was completely naked he reached out to pull me against him. I could feel his hard and powerful body against mine and I knew that he could feel my erect nipples brushing against his chest and my soft downy pussy against his thigh. I trailed a long fingernail along his collarbone and up to his lips. I made a hush sound and nodded towards the towel on the bed.

When he was comfortable, and I had warmed my oils I straddled his body. I poured the warm oil carefully over his back and gently massaged it in all over him. Once he was covered I began my very special massage.

Naked and perched astride his bottom I held my palms flat against his skin and slid them forwards up the length of his back to his shoulders. I leaned forward until my whole body was on him and slid each hand out along his arms. I then slid my hands back in and repeated the process in reverse. As our bodies connected the oils transferred to my own naked body leaving me slippery and smooth. I repeated the whole process, using my whole body to rub and massage every area of his back and bottom. My full breasts slid back and forth and I’m sure he could feel my wet pussy (not wet from the oils I might add) against his thighs. His groans indicated that he was ready for me to massage his front and so I whispered in his ear to turn over.

I wasn’t disappointed, and it seemed that rather than relaxed my massage had had the opposite effect, which of course I knew it would as was my initial intention. I continued with my whole body massage and soon every single area of our bodies was covered in warm scented oils, shiny, warm and slippery. I sat astride his thighs facing away from him to tend to his leg muscles and I made sure that I kneeled up to reach his shins and ankles. Whilst I was kneeling on all fours massaging his right shin I felt a warm hand between my legs stroking my soft slippery lips. I rocked back and forth as I massaged the muscle, however, this also had the effect of me rubbing myself back and forth over his hand and before I knew it I was becoming even wetter, and not because of the oils!

I turned around and slid myself down onto his manhood. I moved up and down very carefully as we were both very slippery from the oils. Nick couldn’t seem to decide whether he preferred massaging my full breasts or watching them bounce up and down as he held each of my peachy bottom cheeks we climaxed together and rocked back and forth whilst catching our breath back. As we lay together on the bed, Nick lay his head against my breasts with one hand on my bottom. I stoked his head, relaxed and comfortable until I noticed that his breathing was deep and he was asleep.

I slid from the bed and padded over to the shower where I washed all the oils from my body. I dressed and collected all my things but before leaving I made a point of kissing Nick on the head and whispering ‘rest now’ before letting myself out. I noticed that he had left his gift to me on the side table by the door so I slipped that into my bag before unlocking the door and leaving. Nick is a wonderful companion whom I love meeting with however I find that all my gentlemen companions are equally as appealing in different ways. Some gents want something more energetic and wild whilst others like to keep it romantic and seductive. Of course it doesn’t have to be the same every time, like any relationship people like a change every now and then but that is when I bring another one of our girls to join in the fun! Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9