East Anglia Escorts

30th Oct 2017

Many people are afraid of spiders and other insects and creepy crawlies so, with the latest survey on the place in the UK with the most spiders, our East Anglia escort agency is expecting an influx of new residents. It seems that Surrey in the South East is the place that you will find the most spiders with over 400 different types being identified. The arachnids are known to eat tadpoles, bite humans and even devour their own partner so they are not the most friendly of species, to say the least. Luckily our Lincolnshire escorts are not afraid of these 8 legged friends, which is lucky as it is said that cold air tempts spiders to seek out a warmer place to live, such as homes in the South East.

Surrey is such a hotbed for spiders because of the varied terrain. With all the different woodlands, heathlands and boggy areas these spiders thrive but in the winter they seek out warmer environments such as your shed or bathroom. Luckily most of East Anglia is fairly flat and whilst we do have plenty of wooded areas, much of our land is flatter than the rest of the country and apparently, this is not something a spider is attracted to.

Even though it does not have any effect on the spider or insect population, our beautiful Lincolnshire escorts attract males of a different kind and luckily they don't devour their mate after their liaison! If you have a fear of spiders or other insects it might be wise to make the move to a place where there are very few recorded so anywhere in East Anglia is your best bet. Of course, a move to East Anglia will all so mean that as well as lowering your chances of a spider bite you are increasing your chances of enjoying a liaison in a wide range of different areas:

Of course, whilst our beauties at Bees Angels offer an outcall service they never travel anywhere outside of the region.

Back in 2013, there was real fear sparked when a flurry of 'false widow' spider sightings made headlines. These are venomous spiders which can kill a human so it was no wonder that panic spread throughout, so do not be fooled by the name. Luckily they do not seem to have made a further appearance and it may just be that these arachnids got into the area through the port of Kings Lynn from abroad but it seems they have not chosen to spread in the area as there have been no further sightings.

In East Anglia, we can reassure our clients that they remain perfectly safe in this part of South East England. The only thing they need to concern themselves with is the fact that some of our Lincolnshire escorts bite, but only if asked to nicely!

A fear of something can be especially debilitating, so all jokes aside if someone is suffering from a strong fear of something you can rest assured that our Lincolnshire escorts will be more than keen to help take their minds off of it. The fact that cover the entire East Anglia area means that we spend more time than most with people using the services of both Luton airport and Stansted airport and the number of people who actually state that they have a fear of flying is quite amazing. Our beautiful East Anglia escorts aim to make their time before their flight as relaxing as possible so that they simply have enough energy to sit on the plane and fall asleep. When they meet with passengers who have only just arrived in the country then they will want to liven things up a little and remind their clients of what they have been missing whilst they have been away.

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