East Anglia Air Pollution

6th Nov 2017

Our outcall escort agency covers all the main towns, cities and villages within the East Anglia region so it was with some disappointment that we heard this week that many of them featured in a new report by the World Health organisation as being bad for our health to live in! The report focused on the air quality of the UK, or rather lack of it, and it found that Norwich and South End on Sea were amongst some of the worst in the country!

The report came to their findings by measuring the amount of soot particles per cubic metre of air. Anything over 10 microns in each cubic metre of air was deemed as a high level and more likely to contribute to heart disease and premature death! Not surprisingly London was one of the worst areas in the report with a score of 15 however places with in East Anglia did not fare so well either. Stanford-le-hope scored 14 as did Thurrock with Norwich at 13 and Southend on Sea at 11. The worst performing area was Glasgow but it was Stanford le Hope which was the big surprise as most people tend to think of it as a rural area which is a place many families choose to move to for better quality of life for their children. This report has certainly opened some eyes as to the problem although it does not go on to say how we can improve air quality. The interesting part of the report was the fact that Cambridge, which as we know, is full of bicycles, did not feature so perhaps if you are looking for somewhere to move out to in the Anglia region the it might be worth looking at the villages and towns surrounding this city.

At Bees Angels escort agency we can't help but feel that we add to some degree to this air pollution. As an outcall escort agency our beautiful Anglia escorts spend a great deal of time on the road as they will visit clients in their location rather than having our clients come to us at a specific incall facility. However, this way tends to be much better than having all of our clients getting in their cars and making journeys to come and see our girls so at least we are minimising the effects of air pollution.

Whilst the greens are all jumping on the report in order to use it as a vehicle to increase green taxes, we like to think that there are other ways we can improve our overall well being and health. The medical profession do state that exercise and cardio activity counteract heart disease so with that information, we cannot think of a better form of cardio than that which our clients and our escorts enjoy so perhaps the journey to get to their clients is counter balanced by the levels of activity our outcall escorts enjoy whilst they are there! Of course this is never likely to be endorsed by any health agency or government office but as long as we all feel that we are doing our bit for our own health and that of the planet then that can only be a good thing!

With so much focus on green energy nowadays, these reports will only confirm that before we know it we will all be driving around in electric cars in the near future in order to reduce the amount of pollution we create so that, together with our healthy levels of cardio and exercise, we can all look forward to a greener planet, healthier hearts and satisfied clients! You're welcome

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