Costa Coffee

30th Oct 2017

Drones are a new way forward it seems with Costa Coffee leading the way. Dubai in the UAE is known for embracing new technology so when (apparently) beachgoers and holidaymakers cried out for their coffees and cold beverages to be delivered, Costa sprang into action. If you are quietly sunbathing on a beach in Dubai you might need to keep your headphones on and be careful when standing up because the air is full of 'coffee-copters' as they have become known. It seems (according to the international coffee chain) that the customers do not want to leave their sun loungers long enough to purchase their beverages and neither do they wish to utilise the services of the beach waiters who deliver their drinks for a living so the use of coffee-copters was a necessity.

The International chain has not confirmed that they plan to roll this service out in all their stores around the world and so we cannot promise that this is likely anytime soon in Peterborough so if you want to enjoy a coffee after you have spent time with any of our beautiful outcall escorts then you will have to jolly well get up and get it yourself!

Whilst the usage of new technology is usually a good thing, one can't help but wonder how this would be put into practical use in places such as Peterborough. A busy shopping centre with so many people walking about surely must be a recipe for disaster. What happens if the drone malfunctions and spills hot coffee all over an unsuspecting passerby, what happens if the drone is attacked whilst making a drop? There are many questions that the company has not seen to answer and instead focused on a gimmick for the privileged few.

Our outcall escorts in Peterborough are not convinced either as they see getting coffee as a more social event in which they can meet with clients and discuss their needs and use it as a form of ice-breaking. Even if one of our Peterborough escorts meets with a client in the park or other location which is not near to a coffee shop they will plan their journey so that they can pick up a takeaway along the way. Are we that dependent on coffee that we need to have it flown into us?

The adult world usually leads the way with new technology as they always have in the past. It might be the oldest job in the world but it is usually leading the way with new thinking although we cannot quite picture how drones could feature in the services we offer unless of course, we want to start flying our Peterborough escorts into their appointments!

In order to start providing services via drone in Peterborough, there is the little point of changing the law as it currently stands that drones are not allowed to fly at a certain level in cities, so that could be a fly in the ointment of progression. Peterborough is no stranger to drone technology though as last year the Queensgate centre trialled the new PAD technology – personal assistant drones which carried your shopping for you. With a battery life of only 3 hours they proved a little useless for a full days shopping and hovering at a height of 8ft they tended to bang the shopping bags on the heads of other shoppers. Our own Peterborough escorts tried them our and all unanimously agreed that it was back to the drawing board with that one then! Why not call our Peterborough escorts outcall agency today and enjoy a distinct lack of technology in the type of fun you can enjoy with your local East Anglia escorts. Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9