Christmas Naught List

27th Dec 2017

As we approach Christmas week, there are lots of traditions that individual families have and many that are followed by entire nations, however, have you ever thought about where they have originally stemmed from? We have done the research for you and have a few answers to questions you never asked but, you never know, at least they could provide interesting conversation starters down the pub on Christmas day!

No—one actually knows the date that Jesus Christ was born so the powers that be decided to choose a date that would include celebrations that were in existence in the various different religions and beliefs of the time. This was all in an effort to streamline the various celebrations so that they would all be happening at the same time and it was hoped that, in time, they would all merge together. Obviously, it has taken a few millennia, but this is indeed what has happened and the Christmas day we celebrate today was decided upon simply because the Pagans were already celebrating their Mid-winter rituals during that time. The Romans were enjoying Saturnalia, which was a festival of orgies with a lot of eating, drinking and grisly games thrown in.

Their celebrations culminated on December 25th when human sacrifices were made to the Gods and dolls made out of the corpses which were then given as presents to the children. Lovely. So, we can see plenty of links with our own Christmas celebrations with the drinking, eating and gift giving although of course, the orgies tend to be a little tamer and the dolls are not usually made out of sacrificed corpses. One would hope anyway! The Vikings also had their mid-winter celebrations at this time too although they sacrificed animals for their Jul (pronounced Yule) parties and sprayed each other’s faces with the blood. Again, delightful! One tradition that we rather like the sound of comes from Northern Europe and claims that Santa was a local Shamen who feasted on magic mushrooms and used them in his cures for illness. He gave them to his people who got so high that they thought they saw flying reindeer!

The naughty list is a complete invention of course although it does have its roots in putting fear into the hearts of children in order to make them behave. It seems that all religions and belief systems are not above scaring their younger folk rigid although in times gone by their stories and warnings were a little gorier than the naughty step. It seems we have bred a generation of snowflakes, but this is not a new thing, we have been doing it since the Romans left us. Father Christmas was the good guy and gave presents and did nice things for people but apparently, in all belief systems, he had a helper who was not so nice and would either butcher badly behaved children or steal the gifts back from them depending on which system you believed in at the time! So, the question of whether you were on the naughty list or not had wider implications than it does today!
Our escorts at Bees Angels are always on the naughty list, however, this is actually a good thing as far as our clients are concerned. Our ladies like the Roman traditions at Christmas where people were able to feast and enjoy themselves in wilder ways than most people do today, although where the sacrificing part is concerned, they are happy to give that a miss! Most traditions it seems have come from wild and outrageous practices that have been watered down over the centuries so whilst Christmas is seen today as a time of peace, it was anything but when it first started! Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9