Christmas Male Excitement

6th Nov 2017

With Christmas fast approaching it is always difficult to buy for men. Given that most guys have the absurd notion that their gifts need to be practical, aside from buying them socks, smellies or a portable tool kit, there is not a great deal left! Step in the guybrator. Now this handy little contraption is the gift that will keep on giving and after the initial raised eyebrow it is sure to be considered the best gift ever given or received. Of course probably not the best gift to give anyone that you are not involved in a sexual relationship with, your dad, your brother or your boss for example, but other than that a great idea.

There are lots of different 'boy toys' on the market but the Tenga Flip Zero EV is the latest to come to market. Bit of a mouthful but then it does do some wondrous things. The EV stands for electro vibrator and that is indeed what it does. At one end is a hole in which you put said member, press the button at the other end and the good vibrations start. It has to be said that there are also plastic 'arms' inside the contraption which slide up and down and the use of copious amounts of lube are suggested for a smoother experience. Don't expect to last too long with one of these though as they seem to work so well that you will barely start to relax before it is all over so in terms of personal pleasure, it is somewhat fleeting!

Of course these are great ideas for use either alone or with a partner and our stunning outcall escorts certainly like to add new toys and tricks to liven things up a little however there is nothing which can replace the human element only to enhance it but what is good enough for the girls is good enough for the boys.

Now these mechanical wanking devices can come at a cost. Many of them are incredibly expensive, the Tenga Flip costs around £200 which is a little pricey when you consider that you can actually achieve the exact same effect yourself. Really it all boils down to whether you want to feel like you are doing it yourself or not and if not, then you got to pay one way or another!

We all know that it is always better to share an experience with another and obviously the art of satisfaction is so much more exciting when being seduced by someone else. There is little competition between a sensual female and a mechanical device but if the mechanical device was used by the seductive female then that is a whole different kettle of fish! Many gentlemen like to use aids and accessories to enhance their fun so if there is a particular accessory that a client thoroughly enjoys then we do encourage our clients to bring them along with them. Some men suffer from the incorrect belief that by the fact of using one of these devices means that they are in some way 'less than' or inferior however we would argue that the exact opposite is true and that gentlemen who are open to new and exciting ways to spice things up are actually considered to be 'more than'. If you want to impress your female sexual partner then it is always good to keep an open mind and change things about a bit where possible. She will certainly thank you for it in ways that will only enhance your delight and satisfaction so if that wasn't reason enough then we don't know what is! Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9