Cherry Hilton

20th Nov 2017

At Bees Angels we regularly enjoy outcall dates with clients in the Cambridge area ( A beautiful city with lots to offer for all tastes and desires however one thing it distinctly lacks and that is a useful transport system. In an area which welcomes millions of visitors both tourist and business, one would think that they woud place a greater prioirity on being able to get around it however thisis certainly not the case, up until now!

The fact that there is a great deal of pressure on local government to ensure that they reach their quota for housbuilding in their areas means that those in power actually need to start loojking at the impact of all these new households in the areas. This means that infrastructure needs to improve so that it does not toally collapse under the extra weight of an increased population and one of the exciting new ways that Cambridge is dealing with this is to plan for a new metro line for the Cambridge area.

This idea is gaining support from top government figures and could see underground tunnels connecting the city to other areas on the outskirts like Cherry Hinton, Newmarket and even Haverhill. With 50,000 new homes already earmarked for building just outside Cambridge city itself and a further 68,000 in the pipeline the new metro line could link areas such as Teversham, Fulbourn, Bottisham and Linton making them much more desirable (and expensive) places to live. The developers are currently arguing as to what sort of transport would be used in these tunnels and whilst they favour buses, most of the public favour a light railway or underground system similar to London. Our own Cambridge escorts certainly like the idea of an underground rail system just like the London one as this would offer a great way to hop around the Cambridgeshire area and they might even start to use it for when they make their outcall dates to their clients throughout the county.

Currently when our Cambridge escorts visit clients in all areas of Cambridgeshire and East Anglia they do so using the road systems. These are invariably busy so a great deal of time is wasted sitting in traffic when they could be spending their time doing things that are much more enjoyable instead. The time saved by no longer having to sit in traffic jams should be factored into the overall productivity of the city as this would elevate Cambridge to a status along the lines of Birmingham and Manchester.

The developers are looking at creating the transport hub at the Parkers piece area which, as we know is likely to anger those who like their green spaces. Our Cambridge escorts understand that this part of the city is a great space in which to enjoy various events, indeed it is currently being used as 'The North Pole' complete with ice skating rink and fairground so there is the possibility that all this would not happen any more but as long as alternative arrangements were found or indeed if an area of the green space were retained for these events then who can argue as to the benefits of the plan. Our Cambridge escorts certainly wont as it would allow them the ability to get to clients much quicker and not just those situated and located in the city centre but also to those other clients who book our outcalls in the surrounding towns and villages!

The fact that we offer an outcall service throughout Cambridgeshire means that our Cambridge escorts travel a great deal. If we can cut the amount of time that they spend travelling then we can increase the amount of encounters they and our clients can enjoy – this has to be a win-win situation for everyone! Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9