Cambridge Unites Stadium

20th Nov 2017

Back to the future was the biggest hot of the decade and still puts a warm glow in the hearts of most 40 something's and it seems it is not just those who were there who hanker after those simpler times but others too as the 1980's have recently been the decade that most people would like to go back to or have been a part of as voted by a national survey.

Top of the Pops, Saturday Superstore, shoulderpads and the mullet all hark back to an era when it was OK to be 'full-on' it was great to be daring and we used enough hairspray to start the hole in the o-zone layer. This was a time when acceptance was key with new romantics sharing the stage with post punk bands and when Black lace songs were not cringe worthy. This was a time when the smart blazer and casual jeans combo took flight and today this fashion forward sense is one of the very few that remain of that era.

In the Eighties, Norway's finest export was the pop band A-Ha. It seems though that 30 years later it still is as the Take on Me stars perform at Cambridge United Stadium in 2018. Fans could be 'hunting high and low' for tickets though as they already have many dates sold out. The multi- platinum selling trio were one of the most iconic of the era and they still feature heavily on radio stations across the country and indeed the globe. They are still relevant with their synthesised sounds although luckily they have got rid of the mullets and opted for something a bit more modern. Tickets go on sale on Friday 17th November so if you really want to enjoy a blast of the past or are one of the newer fans to discover the band then you had better hurry as they pnly have a couple of dates booked for the Cambridge glass stadium and these are likely to sell out fast.

In cases where concerts and tours are booked and planned a year in advance, lots of fans book a couple of tickets even if they don't yet have anyone to go with. Usually this is not a problem as our Cambridge escorts ar the perfect dates for these types of evenings out. Our outcall escorts are happy to accompany their clients to whatever events they need a date for and whether this is to a pop concert a theatre performance or a business dinner our girls are always perfectly presented and poised for all occasions. Our Cambridge escorts are all well travelled and indeed, many of them come from all parts of Europe anyway. They can speak many different languages and are well educated both academically and in the social etiquette and graces expected at all types of events. Our clients are often surprised that their companions are so accomplished in the art of social graces but if you consider that this is what they do almost on a daily basis then it shouldn't really be such a shock.

Our Cambridge escorts are fun and adventurous and many of our ladies, despite not actually being part of the eighties era themselves, they still love the music and the culture and would love to accompany clients to the concert in order to ensure that their companions have the ultimate date. After the concert there is the fact that intimate and private fun can be enjoyed so why not 'take on me' and give us a call to book a date with our Cambridge escorts. Check out our Cambridge gallery: Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9