Cambridge Fun

26th Dec 2017

At this time of year, there are plenty of opportunities for evenings out. Those ones that start out as a quiet drink and then turn into full weekends which you can’t remember on a Monday morning are all the rage at the moment. One thing which is a British mainstay, regardless of the time of year, there is a rule which probably states that if you are going out for a night out, at the end of the night you have to have a kebab.
The tradition of having a kebab at the end of a great (or otherwise) night out was under threat in that the European Parliament decided that an added ingredient in the meat (one which is key in industrial meats) should be banned and therefore this put the humble kebab under threat of being consigned to the history books! Luckily though, it seems that those people in Europe also enjoy a kebab or two and decided not to vote to ban the additive.

It is estimated that around 1.3 million kebabs are sold every day in the UK although there are always more than most sold on the weekends and bank holidays, but it is Germany who are most fond of this late night snack as nearly 3 million are sold every day in the country so a cynic might suggest that this was why the ban was not approved.

The potential ban came about as the European Parliaments health committee said that the use of phosphates in frozen kebab meat could possibly have a link with heart disease. There have been some studies done around this possible issue, however, results were not conclusive in that tests did not show that there was any link at all, even the tests that the European health committee did themselves! Of course, in the UK any mention of the possible banning of the favourite after drinking snack, not least by European Parliament has sparked outrage and attracted condemnation from all corners although some have reminded others of social media that regardless of whether the ban was to go ahead, since the UK is leaving the EU then the ban would not apply.

Whilst a kebab may not be the healthiest snack to enjoy, it could certainly help to make you feel better after a particularly heavy night out. Previous studies have shown that when a person’s body is in the hangover stage and the liver has been working hard to expel the poisonous alcohol from the body, it is in desperate need of greasy food. This is perhaps why we say that a full English breakfast will make you feel better after a night out. This is because there is actual evidence to show that this is right.

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