Cambridge City Escorts

6th Nov 2017

Cambridge is a busy and vibrant city located in Cambridgeshire and one of the places that our beautiful East Anglia escorts offer outcalls to. It has a vibrant nightlife with plenty of bars and restaurants and given the fact that many companies have their headquarters in the city, it welcomes many business visitors every year. Our outcall escorts often visit clients in Cambridge and sometimes they like to enjoy a dinner date as part of their encounter.

Our Cambridge escorts love to enjoy Asian food of which, noodles play a big role. There has been plenty of noise in the media lately of noodle harassment. Now, this is not anything physical or anything to become alarmed about but rather it is more to do with the noise that people make when they are eating them. It is a big thing in Asia with many diners becoming increasingly annoyed at the 'slurping' noises that other diners make. This trend has expanded across social media throughout the world and if people were not noticing the noises they made before, they do now!

Japan is one of the main areas where noodles form the staple diet and so it will come as no surprise that technology has been invented to cancel out the noise. A Japanese food firm has come up with the idea of a noise cancelling fork which is linked to the diner's smartphone and aims to mask the noise of any slurping. This is the same company which came up with the idea of the noise cancelling toilet for those who were little concerned with any sound effects of their actions!

The fork is linked with a users smartphone and when activated, the smartphone plays soothing music to mask any noise now whether this simply tells everyone that you are making secret slurping noises or not remains to be seen however don't expect these forks to make an appearance at your local Cambridge Asian restaurant or noodle bar anytime soon as the company making them say that they will not release them for public consumption until they have at least 500 paid orders. They so far have 300 so it might be a little while yet!

The Japanese are known to be an inventive race of people, indeed this is where most of our technology comes from. They were leaders in mobile phone technology so although it sounds a little far-fetched to have your cutlery linked up to your phone, there were more than a few people who never believed we would all be carrying our phones around with us, much less rely on them so much!

The next time you are out for dinner in a noodle bar or Asian restaurant, you will no doubt be on the lookout for these noises to see if indeed it is actually a problem. It does seem that polite society has never seen it as an issue before but then again, it has never been brought to our attention before. Why not book a date with any of our outcall escorts in Cambridge and perhaps enjoy dinner at either Wagamamas, Chopstix noodle bar or the Mai Tai restaurant. Chinese and Asian cuisine is delicious and perhaps these noise cancelling forks will become a thing of the future, because, let's face it, they cant be any more difficult than chopsticks!

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