Cambridge Cafes

30th Nov 2017

Cambridge has to be one of the most trendy and hipster places in the country outside of Shoreditch and it seems that whatever happens in London, eventually ends up in Cambridge where it is embraced by all. The town centre is just like one big Google office with ballparks, dogs and vegan only restaurants popping up all over the place. A soft play ball pit which is only for adults has been announced for next year. The balls, booze and beats event has been touring around the country all year and is set to land in Cambridge mid-February. If you ever wanted to let your inner child run free (whilst still being able to enjoy the best bits of being an adult) you can throw yourself into the adult only ball pits then swim across to the prosecco bar all the while listening to modern funk and soul. The company has already enjoyed sell-out events in Birmingham, Brighton, Milton Keynes and Manchester – basically, all the university cities and plans to continue with Cambridge included next year. If all that seems a little energetic then you can take things a little slower but in the cuddly company of your pet canine.

A Cambridgeshire village is hosting a pop up canine cafe in Bottisham village. The event encourages people to bring their dogs along to the coffee shop and sit and relax in the company of other dog owners. This is all in aid of a charity which promotes the healing and stress-reducing benefits of dog ownership although if coffee is not your thing then you can also take your dog to the cinema with special dog-friendly screenings of popular Hollywood blockbusters. No, these films have nothing to do with dogs but upon arrival, the dogs will be given blankets to lay down on and treat to eat and owners will be able to mix with each other.

Another trend that Cambridge residents are following is the one for vegan food. A brand new cafe Stem + Glory has opened to a huge amount of publicity as it is the second one in the city. The first cafe had its own yoga studio, however, the second one will take a different approach completely with a license for live music and sale of alcohol which means that this cafe is one which will keep its doors open all night long. Not that you will want to stay out too long in Cambridge, especially when you see all the beautiful Cambridge escorts we have at Bees Angels. Check out our Cambridge escorts gallery:

Cambridge has its fair share of trendy cafes, vegan or not, one of the best is stir cafe which offers a delicious smashed avocado on toast and homemade granola with yoghurt. Sourdough toast with honey is also a top favourite and it is the best place to visit for breakfast after a particularly heavy night in town.

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