23rd Oct 2017

If you are a car driver in Cambridge you will probably blame the high volumes of cyclists for any delays on your journey, however, there is a new culprit being blamed for the increasing numbers of road delays and damage to cars. Potholes. Cambridgeshire county council reported that it spent nearly £3million repairing potholes just last year alone and that was in addition to other funds spent on 'road dressing'. As you can imagine all these roadworks cause severe delays and accidents so any way of making improvements has to be a good thing.

An episode of the Spanish version of Master chef inspired an Engineer at the University of Nottingham to come up with a solution that is currently being tested in the area and it is being hailed as the way forward to make things better for our Cambridgeshire roads. 'Spherification technique' was used to jellify a liquid as part of an artisan dish so the Nottingham University Engineer decided to apply the process to sunflower oil and use the capsules within the asphalt making process. The result? A road that, when cracks, breaks the oil capsules so that they can then spread out to fill the gap, much like a liquid plaster for the road!

Our Cambridge escorts will certainly be delighted with this new invention particularly given the amount of hours they spend driving to and from their outcall encounters. Our beautiful escorts in Cambridgeshire often find themselves going from one edge f the county to the other so any improvements to their journeys will always be welcomed.

Our Cambridgeshire escorts agency offers outcalls to all areas of the county and this can mean that our Cambridgeshire escorts have to go from Peterborough to Cambridge or Duxford to Wisbech or even all four places on any given day so that is a great deal of time spent in traffic delays or worse, a greater possibility of falling foul of a pothole!

Initial testing of this idea has shown that the cracked road samples were restored to their full strength within just 2 days of the sunflower oil being released from the capsule, so no more roadworks or bumpy journeys for our Cambridgeshire escorts and other locals to the area.

Of course, most of our clients don't need to worry too much about this as they are lucky in the fact that they can stay in their homes or hotels and await the arrival of their beautiful escorts in Cambridgeshire and what a choice we have! For anyone who has ever visited our portfolio of stunners they will know that we always have an extensive array of different escorts available for all areas so no matter whether you are in Cambridge, Peterborough, Huntingdon, Newmarket, Chatteris or March or indeed anywhere within the county our Cambridgeshire escorts will always be more than happy to visit.

As with most new inventions, this one was inspired by something else entirely and it was only that the inventor was able to apply the process to a different situation that he came up with a solution to solve this problem. So now that it looks like we have self-healing roads coming to a location near you there should be fewer hold-ups on Britain's roads and many more happy journeys. Our Cambridgeshire escorts are never flustered when they arrive at their encounter as they are always well prepared and our drivers ensure that they are aware of any possible delays in advance. We always like to make sure that our clients meet the woman of their dreams in the location of their choice and at a time that is convenient for them as we understand many of our clients have time constraints to work within. In the same way that our Cambridgeshire escorts will call ahead if there is likely to be a problem, we also ask that our clients do the same. Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9