Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market

20th Nov 2017

In Norfolk and Suffolk you will find plenty of traditional market towns that are full of history and rural charm. Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk is one of these places which hides many features that visitors are often surprised to learn such as the fact that it was one of the first places to adopt a grid pattern of streets and one which was copied by New York planners when the city was first being built. It is odd to think that early settlers in New York took inspiration from this quiet little town in the heart of Suffolk but it is the imagination of early residents in this part of West Suffolk that have grown the place to earn its position on the world economic stage. British sugar is based here and almost all sugar produced in the UK comes from this very factory. Unfortunately for local residents, the process of making sugar involves the use of yeast which on a clear day can produce somewhat unpleasant odours. These have been likened to stale biscuits or dog food but of course the plant is not located right in the centre of town so if you do have to endure the unpleasant odour, it will only be in passing.

Another item which uses yeast in its production is the world famous brewery Greene king. Luckily their production is well known beers and ales produces no odour so perhaps the sugar factory should take note from their output. The brewery is located in the heart of the town centre and regular visitor trips can be enjoyed and of course a tasting session in the brew house afterwards is something of an enjoyable experience. If you would like to enjoy a tour of the brewery then we can arrange for one of our Bury St Edmunds escorts to accompany you although these do have to be booked in advance and special attire worn so planning ahead is essential.

Bury St Edmunds certainly knows how to throw a party and at Christmas the town really pulls out all the stops. They hold an annual Christmas fair at the end of November which will transform the town into a Christmas Wonderland. Visitors will not need to venture into the city of London to experience all the delights of the season as they are all here in this otherwise quiet part of rural Suffolk.

In many towns across the country a Christmas market is the start of the Christmas celebrations. There are always plenty of stalls where local craftsmen and women sell their handmade items however in Bury St Edmunds they that little bit further and whether you go in the afternoon or the evening you are guaranteed a festive display of amazing lights in the town and also decorating the stall and alpine huts that line the streets right down to the Abbey ruins, music with a festival theme and of course row upon row of stalls selling everything from accessories to clothing, fruit infused alcoholic drinks (which you can usually taste for free) handmade cakes and sweet treats and even a theatre where they put on a range of events including a cookery show, cocktail making experiences and music to keep everyone in the spirit of things. This is an amazing trip out and one which should be shared with someone who is as equally enthusiastic about the season. If you are visiting Bury St Edmunds and are staying in a local hotel, either The Angel or perhaps the nearest travel inn, then our Bury St Edmunds escorts in Suffolk could come and stay with you. Check out our Suffolf escorts gallery: http://www.beesangels.co.uk/areas/suffolk-escorts.html.

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