Afternoon Tea

19th Dec 2017

Afternoon tea is a British institution, although it has fallen out of favour with most in today’s modern society however it was actually created by the 7th Duchess of Bedford to curb those nasty hunger pangs she felt mid-afternoon. Back in the 19th century, it was usual to only take two main meals every day. Breakfast at 8am then dinner at 8pm. Mid-afternoon, everyone was starving so the Duchess began taking tea with a sweet cake and some nibbles to help her last until dinner. She began inviting her female friends to join her in her home at Woburn Abbey and soon the craze swept through the country with even Queen Victoria joining in the new fad.
The beginnings of lunch were born and whilst it is now only members of the aristocracy and tourists who enjoy afternoon tea it is something which our international clients like to sample in the company of our beautiful Bedfordshire escorts in the birthplace of the past time. You can enjoy afternoon tea at any of the luxury hotels in Bedfordshire and all you need to do is give us a call to book one of our delightful Bedfordshire escorts to accompany you. Why not make it a whole afternoon and also book a beautiful room where you can both retire to afterwards and enjoy each other’s company in private. If the afternoon is not possible for you, you can still have a wonderful time with one of our escorts in Bedfordshire by booking a dinner date appointment. Our dinner date trysts allow for 3 or 4 hours of time together during which you can relax and become acquainted over a glass of wine, followed by a sumptuous meal at any of the first class restaurants in the area and then you also have an hour’s worth of private time together. If you would like to dine with some fabulous female company, then make your dinner reservations and let us know all the details when you call to book your favourite Bedfordshire escort.
Bedford is just 35 minutes outside of London. It is the smallest county in the country but it still makes an impact on visitors. Close to Cambridge and Oxford, it has been called the spy capital of Britain. This is not difficult to believe since there was a great deal of code breaking and radio surveillance going on here during the war. There are vast amounts of evidence in the local military museums which many clients, we know, find interesting places to go to during their time in Bedford. If military paraphernalia is not your cup of tea then how about a ride around the countryside, delighting in the pretty villages and picturesque scenery you will discover along the way. Beautiful brooks and rivers are great places to sit and chat and our Bedfordshire escorts are great conversationalists!
Visiting any new place alone can mean that you miss out on a lot of what the area has to offer. Everything is better when it is shared and this is why our escorts in Bedfordshire are ideal companions. They are fun, light-hearted, warm and friendly and if you have ever spent time with an escort before you will soon realise that the escorts at Bees Angels escort agency we provide a GFE (girlfriend experience) naturally. It is not something you have to ask for specifically. Our ladies are naturally charming, tactile and caring which are just some of the reasons why we have chosen them. Why not enjoy a date at Woburn Abbey with any of our Bedford escorts and see exactly what makes our stunners so popular! Protection Status Registered & Protected AGLP-IGJI-QPGF-THV9